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I think it was you that I talked with about this? I perfectly empathize with your frustration over the misuse of the word ‘cinematography’. Jesus, it’s almost as bad as substituting the word ‘coincidence’ for ‘ironic’.

yep we talked about this omg bbc sherlock’s actual cinematography isn’t even that good

He’s a violent kid. Deep down he’s a sweet boy, but… When he loses it you best scram cause it gets ugly.

Anonymous asked: but colouring is editing, not cinematography?? so surely altering the colouring doesn't affect the cinematography???

if you lighten the image and alter the colours in any way, you are affecting the cinematography. you are altering how the director of photography chose to light the shot.

"(show) + cinematography"

then why did you fucking colour it


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Have you ever had anyone?

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